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SmartPilot.ca working with the AOPA Foundation's Air Safety Institute 
- one of the most well known resources for GA pilots!

Access all of the Air Safety Institute’s online courses, safety videos, quizzes, interactive materials and presentations by clicking here to register for free.


It’s true in life that who you know is sometimes equal to what you know. And rather than reinvent the wheel, we at SmartPilot.ca are linking to the materials from the Air Safety Institute (ASI). This makes it easy for Smartpilot.ca registered users to gain open and ongoing access to the well thought out and carefully created education, refresher, and information resources—all directed at the general aviation (GA) audience.


ASI, a division of the AOPA Foundation—a U.S. non-profit organization, is dedicated exclusively to improving GA safety since 1950, and is recognized around the world for its leadership in providing free safety education and research materials to all pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the GA community. Regardless if you fly in the U.S. or just Canada, this material will help you fly smarter and safer.


Getting access is free and easy. Once your computer becomes “recognized” with a one-time registration, you can access the products again and again. And better yet—it’s free (although a donation to the AOPA Foundation through their secure web portal would be greatly appreciated).


Getting started is just a click away !

And just look at the courses and brush-up presentations you could be going through right away!

SmartPilot proudly works with.

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We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada for this initiative through the Search and Rescue New Initiative Fund (SAR NIF).